Thank You Life

Enjoy your weekend

Sometimes I still find myself looking for yellow arrows… #caminodesantiago

The earth without art is just “eh” (at Santa Justa Lift)

Sometimes you don’t need to say anything to each other and just be in the moment. (at Rio Tejo)

The beauty of Lisboa, day and night #lisbon #portugal (at Rua Dos Sapateiros)

Nice find for today

Finisterre sunset. What a beautiful way to cap off an amazing camino. (at Faro de Finisterre)

Bocadillo Gallego (chicharon sandwich) rawr! (at Centro Comercial Cuatro Caminos)

Waiting for the sunset in Finisterre with American cellist, Dane Johansen playing on the background. He is filming “The Walk to Fisterra”. (at Faro de Finisterre)

The final point of the camino, Finisterre. #caminodesantiago #caminoportuguese (at Faro de Finisterre)

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